What is Sharing Spot?

It’s where YOU share! Sharing Spot is where you can binge on creative content made by cool creatives {just like you}! We share it all…video, audio, imagery, and text.

For our creators, Sharing Spot cuts out the busy work of building buzz so you can create, SHARE, and get rewarded for your work.

We want to {SHARE} your creative stories, articles, videos, drawings, and music with the world!

First – You submit your work

Next – We read it, streamline it for the web and social media, then share it with the world.

Now – You share it too! Promote your work to your friends and fans on social media. The best content gets rewarded with fun prizes and cold hard cash.

Looking for something a little more in depth? Check out our Sharing Spot Services where we can help your website or product reach a wider audience through our favorite thing {sharing}!