Have you ever had a story to tell or a product you want to rave about, but your friends and family aren’t exactly the right audience to share it with? Are you looking to build an audience for your creative endeavors? Sharing Spot is ready to be that space for you!

We want to {SHARE} your creative stories, articles, videos, drawings, and music with the world!

Sharing Spot is a submission based website where artists, creators, and random Joe or Jane can submit something to be shared. Each submission will be reviewed and if it reaches our standards (well written story, quality photography, not spammy review, etc) we will publish and SHARE it across our social channels! Currently we cannot offer payment for publication, but hopefully in the near future!

Looking for something a little more in depth? Check out our Sharing Spot Services where we can help your website or product reach a wider audience through our favorite thing {sharing}!