Need Some inspiration? Sharing Spot Content Prompts

Have you ever set aside some time to create something and then just have NO IDEA where to go next? We have! In fact we can’t tell you how many times we have set aside time in my planner to paint, write, or edit a video and the minute that we get out all of my supplies all that is in our brain are crickets! It’s just not fair!

Sometimes being a creative is completely exhausting and you need a little push.

We’ve decided to offer you that push in the way of monthly content prompts! These prompts are specifically designed to create a variety of work from light and happy, to conversation starting and emotion inducing. We encourage you to share whatever these prompts motivate within you.

Sharing Spot is going to feature content across our platforms that hits on each of our monthly prompts and we want to feature YOU!

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Here’s some inspiration!

October 2017 – Imagination

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

For our first prompt we want you to stretch the bounds of your imagination. Will you deliver something on par with Alice in Wonderland or more Game of Thrones? Show or tell us what it looks like inside your imagination!

November 2017 – Take a Stand

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

These days everyone is taking a stand, and frequently taking a knee. What is something that you want to take a stand for through your art?

December 2017 – Baked

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

Share your favorite baked oatmeal recipe, or that time you got super baked in college. Do you create best when you are baked?

January 2018 – Fresh and Clean

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

The start of the new year gives us a chance to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. What is fresh and clean to you? Do you create sculptures from soap?

February 2018 – Fantasy

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

Fantasies can be anything. Do you have a romantic fantasy you want to share, or is you fantasy more hitting the lottery and working for charities for the rest of your days?

March 2018 – From Scratch

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

What can you create from scratch? Do you have a process you want to share?

April 2018 – Overcoming Challenges

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

We all overcome challenges each day. Tell us about the biggest challenge that you ever overcame and how it changed you…for better or worse.

May 2018 – Patriotism

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

Any more I have no idea what Patriotism is. Share with us something that defines a patriot to you.

June 2018 Family

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

Not every family is full of sunshine and roses, some are full of bickering and restraining orders. What is your family dynamic like?

July 2018 – Sunshine

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

Take a minute. Step outside. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Now share that experience through your favorite medium.

August 2018 – Unpopular Opinions

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

Every once in a while #unpopularopinions makes the rounds on Twitter. Share with us some of your favorite unpopular opinions in more that a Tweet.

September 2018 – Design

Sharing Spot Content Prompts

What can you design? Fonts and graphics? Clothes and toys? Floorplans and furniture?

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Need Some inspiration? Sharing Spot Content Prompts

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  1. Oh man, these prompts could open a big fat can of worms you may not wish to hear about from me LOL. I love them though … and I’d make a few enemies if I blogged based on these prompts, but I’d probably gain a few followers too 😉

    I love these prompts, to be honest, but it’s deciding whether or not I should actually write about them LOL

      1. I think you’ve inspired me to write from my heart and share my true feelings on some subjects. I just hope my readers can be mature and strike conversation amongst themselves rather than bashing each other for their opinions. 🙂 Wish me luck LOL


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