Power Hour...in a Minute

Have you ever taken 60 shots of alcohol in 60 minutes?

We have and there is video to prove it.

A few years ago while putting together the Drunk episode of Universe Box we decided that it would be awesome to listen to our friend Ali Spagnola’s “The Power Hour Album” and film ourselves doing it.

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Power Hour...in a Minute

It was insane!

Want to see the highlights from this notsomomentous event? Check out our compilation of every shot of wine, Miller Lite, and rum & cokes drank {along with some insane dance moves and singing} in the video below.

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Want More?

In episode #11 of UB Classic we get drunk and rock some PG-13 language while sharing our favorite drinking songs, best party tools, and finding out how Shauna Piranha learned to love beer. Check out the back catalog of funny and informative videos and podcasts, including Manners!


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