Quick and Easy Cosplay Makeup Tips

As a cosplayer, I always look for ways that help me with my application and pad my pocketbook. After cosplaying Gamora from the Guardians a few times, there are little tricks I learned along the way I wanted to share with you.

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Tools of the Cosplay Trade

First, let’s talk about tools. The double ended spatula I purchased from Embellish FX is a godsend. It is not very much maybe $6.00 at most, but it is a one-time purchase. {Next, how about transporting of expensive eyeshadow?} Use a contact lens case to carry powders, lipsticks or liquid foundations. It will save you $$ on wasting product. Meaning you don’t run the risk of broken bottles or using more than you need.

Make it Real with Makeup

Now for the fun stuff, MAKEUP! I notice several cosplays that require the look of “no eyebrows.” A regular glue stick from the school supply section is your best friend for laying those eyebrows real flat. Make sure the glue stick end is moist. Use the spatula edge to cut a piece of the stick if it appears dry. Trace your eyebrows with the glue stick and use the spatula to flatten them down. Allow the glue to dry before applying additional coats. I like to apply three coats for complete coverage. Gotta powder your nose? Use Joe Blasco ultra fine powder to set your makeup. Will keep you shine free.

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Quick and Easy Cosplay Makeup Tips

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Quick and Easy Cosplay Makeup Tips

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