Have you ever read a book that was written so well that you could just see the characters hop off of the page? Could you see the exact way that their hair fell in their face or shirt came untucked? Maybe there was a talking pig or magical wizard that took over your brain and you couldn’t look away? That has been the case with me so many times in my life and I am doing my best to pass that feeling along to my kids.

During the month of October my kids’ school holds their annual book fair {the BEST week of the year in my opinion} which comes complete with the Storybook Parade where all of the kids all dress up as the characters from their favorite books. In my eyes there is no better way to encourage reading and imagination than by bringing these characters to life.

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Here are some ideas for your kids to dress up as their favorite book characters – for Halloween or just a random Tuesday!

Laura – Little House on the Prairie

In our house we have been trying to introduce some of the classics and books from our childhood with our kids and Eliza has really latched on to Laura from Little House on the Prairie {what little girl doesn’t?}. To become Laura we combined a simple floral dress in her closet and a plain white apron that I had in the kitchen with the signature braids complete with ribbons.

Bring Literary Characters to Life with These Simple Costumes

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Greg Heffley – Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Every kid seems to know Greg and the stories surrounding his family and friends. For this costume we took inspiration from the Dog Days book where Greg is wearing a plain white shirt and black shorts. We like easy costumes that are comfortable in the parade and then playing on the playground!

Bring Literary Characters to Life with These Simple Costumes

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Jack – The Magic Tree House – Pirates Past Noon

One thing I have learned over the past few years is that kids LOVE the adventures in the Magic Tree house books! Our friend pulled off this spot on look with another plain white t-shirt, jeans (rolled up at the bottoms!), cool red glasses, and a back back for treasures {or candy on Halloween!}.

Bring Literary Characters to Life with These Simple Costumes

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Link – The Legend of Zelda

Literary characters aren’t limited to just novels! Make sure and check out comic books and graphic novels when looking for inspiration like we did for this Link costume. Our Link was more about the accessories than the costume! Our last name might as well be Geeks because this Link shirt is a family favorite for daily dress-up, but when paired with an official hat and ocarina the outfit just came together to save Hyrule.

Bring Literary Characters to Life with These Simple Costumes

Snow White and a Few Dwarfs

Possibly the BEST costume we have ever done for the Storybook Parade was a few years ago when I threw together Snow White and the 2 dwarfs {Dopey and Doc per request} in an afternoon based completely on a white Peter Pan polo that my daughter had. I hit Target (of course) and the thrift store and came up with this amazing trio! For Doc we made a beard out of pillow fluff and a few pipe cleaners that looped his ears and some spare glasses we had. Dopey pushed his ears out a bit. Then Snow White intoxicated people with her sweet smile.

Bring Literary Characters to Life with These Simple Costumes

Costumes aren’t just for kids!

I know a lot of adults who like to dress up as their favorite literary, tv, and movie characters through some seriously awesome cosplay or Disneybounding! We would love to see {and feature} your costumes so tag us #SharingSpot on social media!

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  1. What fun and simple costume ideas! My daughter is an avid reader and would love to dress like some of her favorite characters. Would be nice to get away from the cartoon characters for once!


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