Just Add Blog Subscription Review

Disclosure :: We received this item FREE in exchange for our honest review. If you purchase through our affiliate link we will receive a commission, but you will not pay anything extra.

Our friend Dara recently asked us to do a sneak peak and review of her FIRST subscription service, Just Add Blog and we jumped at the chance. What could be better than an emailed filled with fonts, templates, post planners, overlays, and more? It is like a Christmas morning in an email!

August Just Add Blog

This month’s offerings include:

  • The Classy CEO’s Business Plan
  • A Minimalist Social Media kit with 6 templates
  • A Unapologetically Kelly Blog Post Planner and Checklist
  • 8 Autumn Light Overlays
  • 4 Twitter optimized quote graphics
  • A font duo pack

WAIT…How much for all of this?

I’m going to wow you with this one…$10. That’s it. Just $10 for all of that! However, if you decide to GO FOR IT and sign up for a 3 or 6 month subscription you will save even more money!

The Classy CEO’s Business Planner

Ashley from The Classy CEO has contributed her 11 step process to helping your blog/business get organized. Her guided prompts allow you to identify your focus and plan the best way to get your business running efficiently.

Minimalist Social Media Templates

These templates are SO EXCITING!! These 6 simple Photoshop templates will help you make streamlined and consistent graphics across various social media platforms for your business or website. Each template has a placeholder for you to add your own photography or stock image before altering the text. I do not have the font that the templates use on my computer, but that was a simple fix. For more minimalist templates from Jennifer Joy, check out her Creative Market shop!

Here are some of the images I made {using stock images from Ivory Mix}.

Blog Post Image
Facebook Optimized Image
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Unapologetically Kelly Blog Post Planner and Checklist

Unapologetically Kelly Blog Planner

If you are like me then it is HARD to keep track of where you have already shared your latest post on social media. There are just SO MANY different services to keep up on! This clear and simple planner from Unapologetically Kelly will help keep you organized by laying it all out in front of you. I cannot wait to start using this!

Just Add Blog Subscription Review

Autumn Light Overlays

Okay, these are just fun! I am always looking for ways to make my simple images look better and I am having probably too much fun with these 8 autumn light overlays! Glimmers of Light on etsy has tons of overlays and stock images for you to us.

These filters bring out the natural hues in the images perfectly! There is a good chance that I will be using them regularly.

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Twitter optimized quote graphics

For those times when you are looking for a good quote to share on Twitter!! I love the simplicity of being able to just upload and go! The August JAB box comes with 4 images to use.

Font Duo Pack

This is the one that I had been waiting for since it was announced because I am a bit of a font addict. It’s a problem. I have squealed over the Melody Power combo on Creative Market for a while, but always resisted hitting the purchase button. My excitement to have it in my font library is overwhelming.

What do you think?

What do you think about this brand new subscription service? Do you think you’ll give it a try? For just $10/month can you really afford NOT to give it a shot?

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