Will you BRAVE this Unboxing?

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It’s time for another Disney Princess Pley Box Unboxing from Eliza of the Crunchy Crafty Kids!

Will you BRAVE this Unboxing?

Have you heard of Pley? They are an online toy company that just started offering Disney Princess Subscription Boxes. We were lucky enough to be chosen to unbox and review them! Check out all of Crunchy Crafty kid Eliza’s thought’s below and be sure to order you own{Psst! These would make AMAZING holiday gifts!}

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Are you ready to BRAVE the our October Unboxing video?

What’s in the box?

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The monthly storybook!

Inside each box is a book containing the story of their princess, games, and other fun activities! Our favorite this month is the recipe for chocolate Bear Paws. maybe we will do a fun cooking video soon.

Disney Princess Lunchbox

Crunchy Crafty kid Eliza is so excited about her new lunch (or snack) box from this month’s Pley Box! It is the perfect size for a sandwich, some chips or crackers, or a couple cookies for snacktime at school. When it’s not being used for snack we are planning to store small toys in it!

Will you BRAVE this Unboxing?

Brave Pencil Case

Next up is a sturdy pencil case for all of your pens, crayons, markers, and more! this case will be perfect for transporting supplies back and forth to school.

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Heart of a Warrior T-shirt

This purple, sparkly t-shirt is already added to this week’s school clothes rotation! It features Merida with her signature bow and Scottish ensemble!

Will you BRAVE this Unboxing?

Brave Figurines

Last, but not least, the Pley Box came with a set of Brave figures! They are the same size as last month’s Tangled crew  and will make the perfect playmates to run around the house. Bonus :: Both Merida’s mother and brothers come in their human and bear form!

Will you BRAVE this Unboxing?

Get Your Own!

Want to get your own Disney Princess Pley Boxes? SIGN UP HERE to start receiving your princess toys. Pley offers 3 different levels of subscription starting at $22.99/month. These boxes ship bi-monthly and inspire hours of fun and creativity! Be sure and check out our Ariel and Rapunzel unboxings!

Not a Princess Lover?

That’s okay! Pley is going to be sending out National Geographic subscription boxes soon featuring games, gear, and EXCLUSIVE online content! Make sure you get signed up now  so you are among the first to get in on the monthly box of fun!!

Disney Princess Pley Box - Rapunzel


Will you BRAVE this Unboxing?

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