Do you have your own site or product that you want to get in front of a new audience? Are you just trying to boost your social media reach?

Sharing Spot Helps!

We want to help you. We’ll get your content out there by utilizing our social media muscle.

Sponsored Post:  Have a product, service, or event that you need reviewed or promoted? This option is for you! We’ll test your story before sharing it with our audience. Our sponsored post packages include a minimum of 1 dedicated social share per platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest).
Cost: $300 Only $150 during our launch

Single Share Boost: Want to give your link some extra love? Choose your preferred social platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest) and we’ll give it an aggressive boosted post.
Cost: $75 Only $40 during our launch

Sampler Package: Not sure where to focus your energy? Give our sampler package a try .You’ll receive a dedicated social share on each of our platforms with one aggressive boost.
Cost: $125 Only $75 during our launch

Focused Package: We’ll direct engagement on your preferred social media platform by publishing four dedicated posts over 2-4 weeks along with a one-off boosted post.
Cost: $125 Only $75 during our launch

Facebook Live: Right now video is KING! Let us review your product or promote your event in a Facebook Live video. Who knows, this could be the next Chewbacca Mask Lady video!
Cost: $100 Only $50 during our launch

Newsletter Ads: Get on board for our bi-weekly newsletter that will be recapping our latest posts, as well as alert our followers to upcoming events. This is a great way to get YOUR company into a new audience’s mailbox.
Cost: $100 Only $50 during our launch

Conference Sponsorship: We are always looking to continue our education of the ever evolving internet market by attending blog conferences like BlogHer, Build Your Blog, Focused and Mom 2.0 Summit. By becoming a conference sponsor we will be promote your company through targeted social media posts in addition to talking about your company at the event.
Cost: $50+

Custom Packages: Need something a little different? Email us with more info and we’ll design a custom package built just for you and your marketing needs.
Cost: TBD