A Schoolyear Challenge

Teachers are amazing! While filling my cart with school supplies for my 3 not-so-tiny dictators there was a teacher there who was buying 4 carts of supplies for her classroom.


Her family was counting out glues and boxes of crayons. A whole cart was dedicated to cases of rainbow colored 1 subject notebooks.They were sending the Target employees to the storeroom to bring them additional stuff so that they didn’t wipe the entire floor display out.

This is a woman who loves what she does. She cares about her children. {That’s right, HER children, because for about 5-6 hours a day Monday – Friday during the school they will be in her hands, but forever in her heart}.

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Stop Complaining.

Please don’t complain that this year’s supply list is ridiculous. Or you can’t believe that they are asking for THAT many glue sticks/pencils/boxes of tissues/erasure caps/etc. Or how dare they ask for headphones or copy paper or white board markers! “Shouldn’t the school district provide that?” Yes, yes they should, but when they don’t it is our job as parents to fill in the gaps. We each have only a few children to provide a supply arsenal for, where if these gaps are left to the teachers {like the one I saw} they have to buy supplies by the cartload WITH THEIR OWN MONEY in order to ensure that every one of her students has the same opportunities…at least while in her classroom.

We are trusting these men and women with our children…our flesh and blood…our mini-me disasters. WHY on Earth wouldn’t we provide them the tools they need to educate our children? Is your child really not worth the $25, $50, or even $100 that you might spend on supplies? I bet you won’t blink when buying them new shoes or jeans or a jacket because they “need” it. Yup, they do…just like they need crayons and markers and 3 ring binders.

As I was leaving I stopped to say hello and told this teacher she was amazing and that I hope she enjoyed the rest of her summer. I wish that I had cash on me because I would have offered it to her in a heartbeat! Anything to offset the hundreds of dollars she was spending on her classroom {and this doesn’t even include her decor, books, or the treats and presents I’m sure she will buy throughout the year}.

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My Challenge to YOU

This is my plea and my challenge to you…support your child’s teacher this year. Send in extra supplies. Volunteer in the classroom. Help out with classroom parties. Drop off Starbucks or Diet Coke or cookies on a random Tuesday. Ensure that your child respects their teacher and follows their rules. Be available. Let your teacher know that they can lean on you for support.

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