Fighting Fear with Humor

Not long after Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas at the end of August 2017 rumblings of another storm started hitting the internet and airwaves. She was a fierce and scary hurricane that prepped herself to pummel the Caribbean and Florida with winds topping at 185 mph and shooting out tropical storm force winds over a 400 mile area. Hurricane Irma was no joke.

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As a resident of Orlando, Florida we were issued warnings starting a week out and we started emptying stores of water, flash lights, batteries, shelf stable foods, and ice. School was cancelled ahead of landfall by order of the governor so that families could shutter their homes and fill their safe rooms.

Shelters throughout the state hit capacity with people and pets who could not evacuate the state safely. Walt Disney World became a place where Florida visitors and residents evacuated to and were treated to character meet ups, Disney movie marathons, and magical castmembers.  A special Disney Princess even treated one shelter to a performance and befriended local seniors.

Hurricanes are scary and unpredictable. Irma changed her course and intensity for days so like any normal internet addict I turned to memes to keep myself entertained between batches of cold brew coffee making and stress baking.

Here are a few of my favorites.


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Nothing beats laughing.

When they say that laughter is the best medicine, they aren’t kidding. Silly memes are the perfect distraction from crazy amounts of rain and wind threatening your home and family. It offers you an outlet to focus your nervous energy versus checking the weather report…again.

Fingers crossed that Hurricane Jose doesn’t get any closer or we will have to start a whole new batch, but then again maybe he will have better aim than Irma for the I4 Eyesore!

Fighting Fear with Humor

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