This summer I was lucky enough to attend #BlogHer17 with over 2,000 of my closest bloggers, activists, podcasters, businesswomen, authors, and celebrities. It was life changing for me both professionally and personally, but not because of the breakout sessions, expo hall filled with goodies, or sponsored events. These were all valuable, but it was the keynotes {both in the on-stage presentations and interactions with fellow attendees} that I felt were the most valuable and empowering.

It's About Building Each Other Up - #BlogHer17
Picture courtesy of #BlogHer17

I learned so much and am ready to pounce forward and achieve my dreams. Here are some quotes that really struck a chord with me and I hope that they will help motivate you to push through and achieve your goals {creative or otherwise}.

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Success Isn’t About Winning

It's About Building Each Other Up - #BlogHer17

Success and winning are not the same thing. Sometimes this is hard to remember when you are seeing those around you be wildly successful and you can’t seem to get traction. Success is about trying real hard and making improvements. Every time you improve {whether it is in stats or skills} you are successful. If you keep building on these small successes you will achieve larger ones.

Never Doubt Your Smarts

It's About Building Each Other Up - #BlogHer17

This. This is so very important for everyone to remember whether you are a creator, a student, or a scientist. Remember that even when you are feeling defeated and clueless {you are smarter than you think you are} you just have to give yourself credit.


Don’t Be Threatened

It's About Building Each Other Up - #BlogHer17

Stop comparing yourself to others around you. Everyone has taken a different journey to reach where they are. We have all been blessed with a different set of gifts and very rarely do we do it all alone. Just because someone is a gifted writer or designer doesn’t mean that you can’t also be successful.

My Biggest Fear

It's About Building Each Other Up - #BlogHer17

Stop being scared to succeed and achieve your goals. When success is your biggest fear then you won’t achieve anything. I’m not saying that fear itself is a bad thing, but don’t let it prevent you from moving toward your dream life.

My Apples vs. Your Apples

It's About Building Each Other Up - #BlogHer17

We are all different. If we are constantly comparing our skills and achievements to others than how can we move forward? Use other people’s apples to push you to explore what your apples can become.

You are an Expert

It's About Building Each Other Up - #BlogHer17

Everyone is an expert at something…even if it is just making the best damn ham sandwich this side of the Mississippi. Leverage your expertise. Instruct others on making that sandwich. Work with vendors of your favorite ingredients that are featured in your recipe. Make that ham sandwich the most important lunch item. Find the best way to showcase your expertise.

It's About Building Each Other Up - #BlogHer17
Pictures courtesy of #BlogHer17

So Much More

I could never share all of the amazing information I learned from #BlogHer17. I just couldn’t. Should you be interested in feeling the energy and empowerment for yourself, I encourage you to watch the videos on the BlogHer Facebook page.

After such an experience I am already planning on attending next year {and the location hasn’t even been announced}. I encourage you to attend as well even if you aren’t a blogger. In my opinion this is more than a blogging and influencer conference, it is a safe place where we can all lift each other up and hone our skills to become more successful. 

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